I used to think that love will not come to me in a long while.

I’ve liked several girls, loved one, and they all turned me down. The women that I met before made me think that there must be something wrong with me, that I should wait, grow up a bit, enjoy life a little.

That’s what I was planning to do when I first met her. She was described to me by a friend as a nice person, but her speech about certain people when I first met her told me otherwise. I was questioning my friend’s sense of judgement, but I decided to let things flow like I usually did.

Eventually, I got to talk to her more, and she definitely had the intellect that matched her attitude. I liked that. When the night was eventually over, I went ahead and added her on Facebook.

She accepted, we talked, we met, we drank. That’s how I can summarize our first meeting. After our first hang out, we eventually talked more, met more. I wasn’t making anything out of it. I was thinking that she was really a cool girl. I laughed when a friend who I told of our friendship told me that we would end up together. I was thinking, this isn’t possible. I’m not ready.

However, I eventually realized something important. I don’t want her to share moments with other guys. I don’t want her to get lost in Manila with anyone else. I don’t want her to spend the weekend with anyone else.

She asked. I wanted to be with her.

Nowadays, I think that this will last for a very long time.


Hi Roe. Love you.


2 thoughts on “<3

  1. Your first fan says:

    Since the inception of this development, I have been a fan(I was after all mentioned as the friend who told you it would happen) , keep it up you two. And finally with great pride I can say, I TOLD YOU SO.

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