Random Thoughts on Parenting and Child Development

  This picture is funny. Why, you ask? Tex and Jinx, of course! Tex and Jinx are Tex McCrary and Jinx Fankelburg. They are two of the most famous TV and radio personalities of the 40's and 50's. They eventually separated in the 1980's, but remained friends until their deaths in 2003. They had two … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Parenting and Child Development


Easter Palms

There are days when you can't find anything good about a day. If that happens, try looking up. There are wonders to be seen when you do.

Dear Monday

Dear Monday, We meet again. You understand that I (alongside multitudes of workers) particularly do not like you. You cut my weekends short. You punch me in the gut just when I was getting into the groove of the weekend. You remind me of that douche that squeezed me to the edges of the door … Continue reading Dear Monday