This is a poem I wrote last year. The inspiration of the poem came from seeing the sunset with the sun kissing the buildings and the dirty river. I wrote this for the woman that moved me to write sappy odes.

She is now living her life somewhere, and I am happily living mine. I would just want to thank her for inspiring me to pick up a pen and write.


Riding a train going nowhere,

I looked outside to see the sunset.

Its orange rays were warmly kissing

my cheeks, the towers of concrete

surrounding the dirty river.


While everyone else saw dirt,

I saw beauty.


I closed my eyes and drifted off to see

you beside me.


Your long hair falling gently to your shoulders

reminds me of Grade School, when

I used to write scrummy poems on pad paper.


Your skirt that looks like a curtain

reminds me of High School, when

he danced you ’till the night was over.


Your light blue tank top

reminds me of College, when

we said our goodbyes on the third floor.


The orange hues were hugging your body

tighter than a mother clings to her newborn.


I opened my eyes, and you weren’t there.


While everyone else saw dirt,

I saw you.


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