Random Thoughts on Parenting and Child Development



This picture is funny. Why, you ask? Tex and Jinx, of course!

Tex and Jinx are Tex McCrary and Jinx Fankelburg. They are two of the most famous TV and radio personalities of the 40’s and 50’s. They eventually separated in the 1980’s, but remained friends until their deaths in 2003. They had two children, John Reagan III and Kevin Jock. Of the two McCrary children, Kevin kept the TV personality gene alive in their family.

He appeared in an episode of the reality show Hoarders. He’s living in the posh streets of Manhattan, but his apartment is filled to the brim with stuff he hoarded from various sources. He was kicked out of his apartment. He told The New York Times that Tex and Jinx were part-time parents, full-time celebs.

Funny how they advise people on parenthood when their own son ended up like this.


In a different place and time period, Kris Aquino is bringing up her son, Bimby, under the spotlight. The youngest daughter of the first female leader of the Philippines is rearing her child in an interesting manner. She brings Bimby along to interviews with foreign movie stars; she allows camera crews to waltz in and out of their home; she involves him in movies with a substandard plot and a cast sure to attract moviegoers.

The cameras may have effectively blurred the lines between TV shoots and reality, and this fact is slowly manifesting itself on the Aquino-Yap offspring.

Friends, we have another vlogger in our hands.


I think parents of today should temper their children under the fire a little more.

I think this is a definite sign that I am aging, but I am starting to compare the young guns of today to my own tenure as a confused, hormone-loaded teenager.

Sure, my peers were already exposed to porn and cuss words at an early age, but Facebook and the internet (with the participation of mainstream media and the concept of viral videos) are creating more young people who are more impatient than we were. There are teens who are more curious than we were. Heck, I even saw a kid whose height only reaches my navel and is already smoking a stick of cigarette.

Parents, please. Slap the hell out of their hand if you see you child smoking. If he/she answers back, let it rip. Display your dominance over your child. Teach your child to wait. Make your child understand that there’s so much more to life than making out with their crush behind the door of their classroom on the third floor. Life’s so much more painful (and meaningful) than that.


In an effort to make more sales and attract more audiences, mainstream media is allowing children to consume images and ideologies of adulthood, which creates a new breed of scary. The television is the child’s educator when the parents are not home (which is slowly becoming more frequent over the years). Do we really want the hope of the future to be exposed to such horseshit?


I want to become a fun parent (if I ever get to be one).

I’ll probably name him Napoleon. Or Bonaparte. Or Bacquit. Bacquit Alamodin (Bakit alam mo din?).

I’ll teach him how to write, read, sing, bike, play the guitar, dance Latin, flirt, respect his elders, respect women, respect his peers, play online games in moderation…

I will teach him how to Pikachu.

How to Pickachu heart and cherish every single cell of it.


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