A Letter to the Person Who Will Enter College Soon

Dear High-School-Graduate-Who-Will-Soon-Become-A-College-Freshman-In-One-Or-Two-Or-Three-Months,

Around this time, countless High School graduates like are looking forward to the chaotic, romantic, excruciating, and life-changing years of college. Some may look forward to the scholastic hurdles that they will conquer to be a step closer to their dreams, while others may see college as an opportunity to become a Filipino manifestation of the Stifler lineage (if you don’t know American Pie, I pity you). I am not going to condone or glorify people who will want to adhere to either extremities, as I (still sort of) understand. #GrowingOlderLel


I am here to give you, my dear, several things I wish I knew when I was about to start college. You have probably heard a ton of advice from adults, but trust me, it’s true. Listen to your parents. Seriously.

1. You will be forced to grow up.

I knew people who were compelled to work their asses off in order to graduate from university. I knew others who had to struggle with unimaginable loss. I myself took three years to realize that I needed to move on from my personal heartache and stop lingering in the past.

You will encounter situations, people, and problems that will force you to make the first of many adult decisions of your life. This is especially true if you are living in a dormitory miles away from home. Should you study or should you party? Should you hang out with decent people or should you chill with cool *insert sexual-organ-related-insult here*? Should you lose your virginity?

If you think that you won’t have to bother with this in freshman year, I can only say LOL. I was a dormer myself, and I saw and heard people drop out of the Ateneo because they had different priorities in life.

2. Live your passion. Join an org.

Sure, you can devote your entire collegiate life to studying and get 1’s or 4’s or A’s (depending on your soon-to-be-university’s grading system). That’d suck, though. Unless you plan to live as a hermit, you are bound to interact with other professionals when you leave the doors of the university you’re going to enter, graduate or otherwise. Organizations will teach you how to deal with like-minded people, a good preamble to what’s ahead.

Plus, there’s nothing better than doing what you’re passionate about. Oh, have I told you that it helps you on filling out your curriculum vitae as well?

3. Forge friendships and connections that last.

You are bound to meet different kinds of people in college. They have different aspirations, attitudes, and tendencies. Choose to surround yourself with people that will help you grow as a student and as a person. They will also be a rock to lean on when you begin pursuing your dreams after receiving your collegiate education.

4. Be a sponge.

Absorb as much interesting information and knowledge as you can. You will never know when you will ever need to bust out that classical singing skill you learned during your org days.

5. Love. Have fun. Leave no regrets.

Should I say more?


There. That’s all I have to say. Have fun. Try not to drop out.


Forever a friend,

A Survivor




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