The Cure (A Tribute)

There is nothing that could give me better satisfaction than you.

You’re the only thing I can think of when I feel like throwing up every single organ in my body.

You occupy a great space in my heart. So great, that during my drunken stupor, my body can blindly guide me to your humble abode.

I patiently wait as I asked for your presence. I ask your father for your presence and he obliged, He even offered me water.

I salivate. A great fire is swelling from inside of me. A fire so great, it parches my throat.

Soon, you came in. Tempting. Inviting. Luscious.

I can barely wait to ravage you.

I lift my hands, and I take my knife.

Slowly, surely, I explore you. I consume you. I chew through your very essence. You remove the venom in my blood with bite.

I will come back for more of you. Trust me on this.


I love you, meat. Medium rare for the win.


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