The Brow Studio Gave Me a Brow-Raising Experience

Let me tell you this straight up: I never gave a damn about how my eyebrows look before I stepped in the doors of the Brow Studio in SM North EDSA.

I understand that there is a connection between eyebrows, aesthetic appeal, and nonverbal communication. After all, I spent a good chunk of time in the mirror perfecting the Rock’s one eyebrow lift, and the unibrow of American basketball player Anthony Davis does not look appealing in today’s media-saturated standards.

His game is unaffected by his brow, though. I think his brow is his source of basketball genius, the same way Samson relied on his long locks for strength.

Despite knowing these things, I never really saw the importance of having the eyebrows fixed. I mean, the eyebrows basically function as the eyes’ umbrellas against sweat accumulating on the forehead. The more hair the merrier, right? Besides, I never really felt the urgency to fix my eyebrows.



The aforementioned reasons are sufficient fuel to make me feel uncomfortable in the idea of a stranger altering the way my eyebrows looked. However, after the Brow Studio’s owner, Ms. Teng, urged me to go give it a shot, I felt that I should give it a try.

Anything that a woman does in the name of grooming is either painful or time consuming in my book. I sat in the purple chair inside a salon that looked like a spa for the Los Angeles Lakers, and closed my eyes, fearing the pain. When the Brow Designer came in and started preparing the special thread meant for the art of brow threading, I was smiling in fear. I closed my eyes.

When she actually threaded my eyebrows, it didn’t hurt as much. As it was my maiden voyage to the world of being-aware-as-hell-on-how-my-eyebrows-look, The act of having the thread expertly kiss my skin and take out the excess hairs on my eyebrows was strangely refreshing.

As you can see, I was having a good time.

As you can see, I was having a good time.

After she was done with my brows, I breathed a sigh of relief. Before I stood out of the chair, however, the Brow Designer asked me if I wanted to have my facial hair threaded as well.

The last time my beard has appeared in over a week.

The last time my beard has appeared in over a week.

My thought process regarding the offer went like this: since having my brows threaded really didn’t hurt that much, the cleaning of my facial hairs should be a breeze. No problemo, I told her. Ms. Teng and her friend, Ms. Nana, laughed at my bold decision. I didn’t understand the reason of their chuckles at first.

Ms. Nana (L) and Ms. Teng (R)

Ms. Nana (L) and Ms. Teng (R)

Soon enough, the Brow Designer made me go through one of the most painful procedures done to me since circumcision. Boy, did it hurt. It came to a point where I had tears in my eyes, and I was mentally begging for the entire ordeal to be order.

The universal symbol of pain.

The universal symbol of pain.

It's awkward to see a large guy wearing pink tearing up over the pain caused by a single piece of thread.

It’s awkward to see a large guy wearing pink tearing up over the pain caused by a single piece of thread.

The results were amazing, though. It took time before I warmed up to the appearance of my eyebrows. Immediately after the procedure, they looked like straps of hair taped above my eyes. Nowadays, I can totally feel the effect of the threading: my face looks clearer and I don’t look angry all the time.

My messy mustache and thin beard are nowhere in sight, and I haven’t held my razor in a week. It’s kind of freaky. A good kind of freaky.

Eyebrow and facial hair threading should definitely be tried by men (and women) who do not have the time in the world to shave and/or fix their looks. The facial hair threading is unbelievably painful and I cannot believe that a single thread can hurt me in ways I did not imagine, but yeah, it was worth it. I feel more comfortable in the way I look.

The eyebrows are nice.

The eyebrows are nice.

If you’re curious about the Brow Studio, check out their branches around the metro and the country.

Look for this sign in SM City Manila, North EDSA, Megamall and Fairview, as well as other cities in the country.

Look for this sign.

The Brow Studio

5/F The Block SM City North EDSA

Other branches: Eastwood City, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM City Lanang Premiere, SM City Baguio, Shopwise Araneta Cubao, SM City Clark, SM City BF Paranaque, and SM Fairview



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