PHILPOP 2016 Song Review: Itchyworms – Di Na Muli

*Wow, it’s been a while since I actually wrote something for myself.


I am a failure of a local music fan, as it is only today that I have taken any attention to the PHILPOP 2016.

Better late than never, at least.

I will be reviewing all of the twelve songs that PHILPOP and Viva Records released early in June. My musical preference will be a hindrance for some songs that aren’t exactly up my alley, but I will try to be as objective as possible.

Moreover, I don’t write about music for a living, so don’t expect flowery bullshit. Go to NME, Radio Republic or some other music blog if you want beautiful words peppering a song review. <3

First up: Di Na Muli.

Everyone who has been tuned to the radio, MTV, or Myx the past decade should have heard at least one of Itchyworm’s songs. Ever since their debut in 2001 and the meteoric success of Noontime Show in 2005, the four-piece’s songs have become a staple in late-night, beer-driven acoustic jams and karaoke nights.

After more than a decade in the industry, Jazz Nicolas, Jugs Jugueta, Kelvin Yu, and Chino Singson have created memorable tunes that will last ages. Beer, Akin Ka Na Lang, Ayokong Tumanda, Loveteam, and Freak Out Baby are some of the songs that will make you understand why Ely Buendia claimed that they are following in the footsteps of the E-heads.

The Itchyworms are coming into this contest from winning this year’s Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs with Dalawang Letra.

The first time I heard Dalawang, I found the cute melody and chirpy songwriting to be sweet AF. The kind of sweet that will get me diabetes but is worth it because the sound is so fresh.

Then that plot twist at the tail end just stings. Gah, Marlou.

To help you understand where I’m coming from:

*I just play the thing on YT then head to another tab. Facebook or something. Why? Marlou. Pls.

Dalawang definitely had the vintage pop thing that Itchyworms were known for going on, with its cool sound, and Di Na Muli took a complete 180 with this somber tune.

The track begins with a piano solo and Jazz’s airy, emotive singing. After the first verse, the bass, drums, and lead kicks in. The entire sound becomes complete when the refrain hits, and it’s a big, slow sound that flows as easily as honey on your pancakes.

Don’t get me started with the vocal harmony. The ‘worms have always been about every single member adding to the entire sound, and that’s what they did: Jugs, Kelvin, and Chino gave soulful support to Jazz’s main vocals.

After the third verse, it gets all chamber-music big. Everything just explodes into your speakers, uniting to make you guilty for all the nights you stayed up late for a girl who didn’t like you back. Or LoL.

At the tail end of the chorus, the song takes a lonelier route, as the persona’s love interest passed. The sound gets quiet a bit to allow the song to deliver the emotion, and gets big at the right lyric so you can bawl along.


I’ve only heard about four or five of the final PHILPOP songs from start to finish, while I’ve heard three snippets over radio advertisements while riding a cab to and from work. While I haven’t heard everything yet, what I can say for right now is this:

Di Na Muli will probably win top prize at PHILPOP 2016.

Yep, I’m calling it. Talk to your bookies about it.


Song Title: Di Na Muli

Composers: Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola

Interpreted by: Itchyworms


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