PHILPOP 2016 Song Review: Ramiru Mataro – Kahon


I will be reviewing all of the twelve songs that PHILPOP and Viva Records released early in June. My musical preference will be a hindrance for some songs that aren’t exactly up my alley, but I will try to be as objective as possible.

Moreover, I don’t write about music for a living, so don’t expect flowery bullshit. Go to NME, Radio Republic or some other music blog if you want beautiful words peppering a song review. <3

Next is Kahon.

Let’s get things out of the way: I love the curly hair. The beard? Not so sure. But the long locks are puuuuuuuurty.

It’s been a long damn while since I went to an actual gig to listen to local artists, so please forgive me if it’s only thirty minutes or so that I’ve been aware of Ramiru Mataro’s multicolor songwriting.

After a quick browse through YouTube, I figured out that he joined PHILPOP last year:

It’s a cute tune that reminded me of KPOP:

Bubbly pop duets aren’t the only creative products that can come out of Ramiru’s bushy head. He can create lyrically playful songs, such as Apilyedo Mo Lang ang Babaguhin Ko:

Ramiru can also go /wrist and forge very lonely songs. Take a listen at Kapag:

Kahon, Ramiru’s entry to the 2016 national songwriting competition is a lively 80’s-vibe pop tune that could have been performed by Ariel Rivera or Gary Valenciano and your mother won’t even question if they were the original artists of the song.

The song is loud, synth-heavy, and happy from start to finish. I have to admit that listening to this song over and over makes me want to track back to vintage Gary V hits and just dance.

The lyrics are endearing. It would be the kind of songwriting I wish I could write. The way he’s able to create very vivid images and relay emotions through choice words is nothing but awe-inspiring.

My hands-down favorite section of the song when the lyrics paint a picture of a wedding: tempo slowed down, the bass licks were fat and sexy, the synth was sustaining high notes like a diva, then everything goes quiet for a millisecond before the drums kicked and the music roars back. That segment sends chills down my spine.


Kahon is a modern love song packaged in a 1980’s gift paper. You can easily replace Ramiru with any 80’s or 90’s singer and it will still sound good. I’d never expect to jam so hard to such a throwback tune.

Song Title: Kahon

Composer: Ramiru Mataro

Interpreted by: Ramiru Mataro


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