PHILPOP 2016 Song Review: Jason Dy – Lahat

What’s up, otap?

I will be reviewing all of the twelve songs that PHILPOP and Viva Records released early in June. My musical preference will be a hindrance for some songs that aren’t exactly up my alley, but I will try to be as objective as possible.

Moreover, I don’t write about music for a living, so don’t expect flowery bullshit. Go to NME, Radio Republic or some other music blog if you want beautiful words peppering a song review. <3

I’ll be writing about one of my personal favorites, Lahat.

I don’t watch local TV that much, so I had no idea about who Jason Dy was. Nor about how ice-cold his voice actually is:

Man, that voice is smooth as silk. Been a while since I heard a voice that soothing as that below-zero-degrees beer they used to serve at Papu’s way way back in 2009-10.

Meanwhile, I never really paid that much attention to Soc Villanueva until today. After a quick YT browse, I don’t know if I’d love him or hate him. The style of his songs don’t morph that much.

I mean, yeah, he creates nice songs, like this:

Or this:

But they sound AWFULLY SIMILAR TO EACH OTHER. I mean, Erik Santos’ piece shares the same mood as Nikki Gil’s:

And Sam Concepcion’s teeny-bopping hit doesn’t veer that far off from Madela’s cute (but unsuitable to his overall style) coffee-shop tune:

His entry to PHILPOP 2015 almost feels like he took the music from Ikaw Na, raised the key a bit, and wrote new lyrics for Jinky Vidal to sing with her airy and equally smooth pipes:

I am pretty glad that Villanueva actually stretched his creative wings and changed things up for once, because wasting Jason’s voice on another bland-and-crappy-coffee-shop-song of his would make me cry.

The song’s opening sequence is really good. It had classic R&B, Musiq Soulchild, and The Weeknd’s Worth It splattered all over it. Then Jason kicks in with a smooth half-falsetto, which lets you know that this isn’t an ordinary Soc Villanueva project. The lovely arrangement keeps it up until the song ends.

Soc’s usually cringe-worthy lines are actually delectable this time thanks to the arrangement of the music and to Jason’s delivery. Whoever told Soc to use Weeknd’s Worth It and Boyz II Men as his main reference materials for this output should be given a pat on the back, a bottle of ice-cold Colt 45, and P10,000.

But Soc gotta Soc, I guess. “Ang sarap-sarap ng feeling.” Really, now? This line makes me think that this is an indirect advertisement for Rebisco or something. I guess he has to put in his trademark cheesy lines in there, or his relatives won’t be able to identify his latest song as his.

The R&B child in me also loves the way the song progresses to the next word, the way it speeds up and slows down. It’s a masterclass in creating an instant classic that will be used in prom dances, wedding receptions, and motel rooms for years.

Moreover, Jason’s voice, man. It was going up and down, curling everywhere, creating a giant abstract piece in my eardrums. My earworm is happy with the amount of jazz he’s put into the track: not too little, not too much, juuuuuuust right.



Lahat is a testament to Soc’s songwriting skills, that he’s got more in the tank besides those generic, insert-random-artist-here crap that he’s released for the past so-so number of years. If he has written a song like this before, then it’s a welcome change of pace.

The song is so smooth, playful, and tailor-made for Jason to flaunt his stuff. It fits him like a glove. Make Jed Madela sing this tune, and he will be spoiling it as soon as he hits the first note.

Thank you, Soc, for spicing things up.

Song Title: Lahat

Composer: Soc Villanueva

Interpreted by: Jason Dy


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