PHILPOP 2016 Song Review: Banda ni Kleggy feat.Aikee – Pabili Po

Kamusta okra?

I will be reviewing all of the twelve songs that PHILPOP and Viva Records released early in June. My musical preference will be a hindrance for some songs that aren’t exactly up my alley, but I will try to be as objective as possible.

Moreover, I don’t write about music for a living, so don’t expect flowery bullshit. Go to NME, Radio Republic or some other music blog if you want beautiful words peppering a song review. <3

This time it’s… Ugh. Pabili Po.

I did say that I will try my best to be objective when it came to writing these things, but this song made me cringe ever since I first heard it on the radio. I actually wanted to write this thing last, but I suddenly thought that it would be better to get this over with.

Again, I’m not musically literate, so it’ll also be the first time that I actually took the time to listen to Banda ni Kleggy.

I listened to two of their songs without even bothering to learn about them, and it kinda sounded like Parokya ni Edgar or Giniling Festival had kind-of-but-not-really-awkward sex with 6cyclemind and had a funny baby. After looking at the band members, turns out two of 6cyclemind’s members are part of this group. Turns out I’m not that musically illiterate after all.

Mahal Kita Pramis kinda sounds like Giniling Festival actually making a cheesy song:

Walang-wala, meanwhile, is as chill as Chito Miranda:

I am appalled at how much I ignore local music nowadays. I will definitely look for their other songs later.

Meanwhile, Aikee Aplacador is, uh… “something else” is a nice way of putting it.

I’m not sure if Abra is a good enough measure to compare against the more recent lyricists, because I’m not really into the local rap and hip hop scene. But Gayuma is a total gem in my books:

If we compare Gayuma to Dota O Ako, dude, there’s no competition. Aikee’s made some really terrific imagery with his lines:

Jesus, this is corny af. I really laughed out loud when DOTA-specific terms were said (LOL for comparing a tired girlfriend’s emotions to a Heart of Tarrasque), but that’s all the charm this song has. It could have been about a mother worried about her son’s gaming addiction for all I know. That’s how bland this thing is.

That’s the only original of Aikee’s that I can see on YouTube besides Pabili Po, so I’ll dive straight to the song.

Banda ni Kleggy did everything it could to make the song sound better at the very least. It’s just my personal opinion, but Aikee’s voice throughout the whole thing was irritating. He sounded like a little prick that I would love to kick in the face.

The entire vibe of the song just seems off to me. I mean, yeah, it’s another hip hop song talking about demure love and shit, but Salbakuta was able to handle that trope better. This song was all over the place IMO.

The lyrics are definitely not my type of tea, but it definitely has its own charm to it. Using everyday items to describe the kind of love you desire is cute, I have to admit. Moreover, the song sounded better for me lyrically when it reached the bridge section.


Pabili Po pretty much encapsulates everything I would hate to have in a song. Banda ni Kleggy could only do so much to make this thing sound better to my ears.

However, the competition IS called PHILPOP, so I understand why this song is included in the final 12 entries. I can see why many people would dig this song. I hate this as much as I hate raisins, but I got to commend Aikee for actually writing something.

Song Title: Pabili Po

Composer: Aikee Aplacador

Interpreted by: Banda ni Kleggy feat. Aikee


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