joji – thom (review)

If you’re on the internet a little too much, you’ve had a brush with this mug at one point:


I’m sorry, I can only describe this face as “dank”.

He is George Miller. Also known as Filthy Frank: the “Harlem Shake” originator, the granddaddy of many a dank meme, the renaissance man who pushes viewers to the limit with his brand of comedy, the dankest music act out there.

If you’re not up to speed with his quality shit, I suggest going to YouTube and search “Pink Season”. Haven’t heard any track from his self-titled first project, but I hear it’s as equally entertaining as his latest album.

I discovered something interesting while sifting through the comments section of a “Pink Season” song, probably “Nickelodeon Girls”: George Miller actually has some nice, SFW music if you sift well through his selection.

He released this subtle gem of a track under the name “joji” and as a part of a project named “Chloe Burbank”.

This song is a beautiful change of pace from his Filthy Frank tracks. I love the album, but I need breathing space from the memes every once in a while.

What I love the most about listening to this track is how you can find bits and pieces of this throughout “Pink Season”. I will admit that I was only initially entertained by the lyrics that will punch you in the mouth if you’re not ready, but this track kind of made me aware of his sound. I can hear joji in every Filthy Frank song and I really dig that.

I’d also recommend that you give you suck charlie and medicine a spin or two.

Finally, don’t forget this small nugget of wisdom from Filthy Frank:


Papa Franku loves you


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