Dean – Half Moon (review)

The idea’s sad, but MTV Asia’s the last thing I’ll be looking at for music that doesn’t sound like whatever’s trending on the Top 200 list. The channel used to be the go-to channel for top music.

Whether I’ll discuss MTV’s downfall is up in the air. But yeah, back to the topic.

One day I was blasting this channel on TV, simply because I don’t want things to be quiet at home. All of a sudden, MTV’s KPOP-show-or-whatever-the-fuck-that-is took a break from the generic KPOP and played this left-field of a song that made my ears orgasm within the first five seconds:

I was talking to myself all of a sudden:

‘Damn, who is this man?’

‘I think his name’s Dean? Yup, it’s Dean.’


Look at this dude, looking all hipster and shit.

‘That thing he did was KPOP?’

‘It probably was.’

‘Holy shit, it sounds different.’

‘I knowwww. I wanna marry the song.’


Long story short: I spent about two weeks playing “Half Moon” on repeat while listening to his other tracks.

What made Dean appeal to me (a man whose knowledge of KPOP is limited to YongSeo, SNSD and CNBLUE) was how it sounded really different from the usual fare the big Korean labels keep serving the Filipino weeaboos.

Yeah, Dean looks like the next KPOP prick and the James Dean reference is kinda meh, but the sound of his songs isn’t the usual bright, effects-driven, EDM tracks that over-saturate the genre.

“Half Moon” has streaks of Ne-Yo and Usher on it, the kind of 2000’s R&B music that can make any woman melt. Dean’s got the looks and voice to do it, too.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is an unashamed modern tune, and Dean doesn’t look nor sound out of place:

It doesn’t feel like he’s making that much of an effort whenever he’s singing, but man those pipes of his are nice. Smooth and silky, his voice gently caresses your eardrums, ensuring everything’s going to be alright.


He could sing for me all day long.

His fashion sense is alright. I mean, I’ve seen more outrageous outfits from Korean artists, so his hipster-ish vibe is more than okay for me.


What I appreciate the most about this guy is how he made me rethink Korean music. I remember that there’s this one Korean band that I love listening to, I just forgot their name and their songs. It probably got drowned out in the midst of all the meh KPOP MTV Asia keeps throwing my way.

Thanks, Dean, for reminding me that sounds such as yours can still come out of your country.


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