Dean x Ta-ku – Bonnie & Clyde Remix (review)


I’ve made it clear that Dean is a great artist. Ta-ku is an artist that I came across while going through another Majestic Casual playlist.

Ta-ku, whose real name is Regan Matthews, is an Australian musician and producer. I think the best adjectives to describe his music is “lounge”, “slow deep house”, and “synth-heavy goodness”.

My definite favourite of his is “Love Again”:

These two are already great artists on their own, so you can understand my fanboying when I learned that Ta-ku gave “Bonnie & Clyde” a makeover.

The song is already aggressive, angry and emotional on its own, a great piece of Korean R&B. What Ta-ku did was incredible: he managed to keep the song’s attitude while adding another layer of complex sadness with his poignant strokes at the keyboard.

What emerged from his efforts was a fantastic piece that perfectly showboated the song’s conflicting emotions in another light. I am probably biased, but it’s hard to deny that this cut is as charming as the original.


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