Rich Chigga – Seventeen (review)

If you dig deep enough through the YouTube hip-hop scene, it’s practically inevitable to have a chance encounter with Rich Chigga.


That’s some high-quality Photoshop right there

Real name Brian Imanuel, Rich Chigga is an internet personality-cum-rapper from Indonesia.

He first gained online traction with his comedic tweets that is based on internet humor. He’s also well-known for his vines:

He then dabbled with rap when he uploaded “Living the Dream”. He took down the original from his YouTube profile, so here’s a lyric video:

However, it wasn’t until February 22, 2016 that he is recognized as a rapper with flow when he released “Dat $tick”:

He kept his rap game up with “Who That Be”:

He then ended the year with another banger in “Seventeen”:

This record is only his fourth rap track and it already sounds light years ahead of “Living the Dream”. The deep voice is the exact opposite of his childish face, and that makes him an oddity to some. However, people take notice of his flow and the wit in his lyrics once the novelty comes off. The scariest part about this guy? The fact that he is still so young and he can already produce quality songs like this.

Oh yeah, “Seventeen” is Imanuel’s first self-produced track.

It’s also impressive that he is not the usual rapper who looks and acts hard. He’s acutely aware that he’s an Asian kid who hasn’t stepped foot on American soil and learned English through YouTube videos. He’s a real citizen of the internet and he’s not trying to hide it. His outfit in the “Dat $tick” video is proof of that.

I’m already one of the many people waiting on Rich Chigga to unload his EP/mixtape/album. Hopefully, it happens within the first six months of the year.



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